We hold our Fest to have fun and to raise much needed money for local causes. Corscombe in a small village with no shops or large companies. The Fest has a very important place in helping to raise funds for the village and local community.

Here are some of the local organisations you have supported by attending the Corscombe Fest.

St.Mary's Church, Corscombe

Corscombe PCC

The Church of St. Mary’s Corscombe is a 700 year old Grade 1 building and it’s well worth a visit. It’s one of the centres of the village community (if you exclude the pub!). Of course a church of this age needs a lot of maintenance.

St. Mary’s Church, Corscombe, DT2 ONU


First Responders

If you live in a small remote village or a long way from a town or city it can take an ambulance a long time to arrive. That’s where the First Responders come in – they are literally life savers. Called by the ambulance service, where appropriate, they can get to the medical emergency in in advance of the ambulance.

The First Responders are always looking for volunteers to join the team, if you are interested contact Chris Chapman on 01935 891015, or Dick Thorne on 01935 891847

ladybird logo

Ladybirds Playgroup

Helping the local children (and their parents) the playgroup has a focus on helping young people thrive outside, helping them to investigate, explore, experience and discover in a safe environment. They use the facilities of the local village hall.

Village Hall, Corscombe, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 0NU. Tel: 07748 859357 Email:

village hall, corscombe, dorset

Corscombe Village Hall

The village hall is another centre for the local community holding regular events. It exists only from donations and fund raising and holds many events during the year. You can obtain details from the Corscombe Official Website

Village Hall, Corscombe, Dorchester, Dorset, DT2 0NU.